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Home sweet home is not only an old adage but quite relevant in modern times but is it not time that we care about its security and protection? Persisting with old locks that can be easily broken is like sitting on a tinder box waiting to be subsumed into a wildfire. Father Son Locksmith Shop is one of the most reliable locksmith service providers in the Baltimore, MD for the homeowners who want residential security to be impregnable. Our top notch experts ensure that they take care of all the problems while you sleep peacefully under round the clock surveillance. We install highest quality locks with cutting edge technology to make it well night impossible for the intruders to barge in.

As far as our locksmith services are concerned, they are quite affordable unlike some peers demanding exorbitant prices. In spite of the cost-effectiveness, we are second to none on quality parameters. In fact, our technicians far exceed the expectations of the clients by not only troubleshooting the issue but also educating the clients on the proper handling of the locks.

If you are stuck outside the house any time of the day or the chill of the night due to broken or misplaced key, let us know and we can immediately respond with world-class assistance at your door steps. The broken key will be remade right away and the damaged lock is replaced to ensure that no unwarranted miscreant is allowed to trespass your property. We have a fleet of mobile locksmith units positioned at strategic locations in the Baltimore, MD area ensuring easy reach to the customers facing lockout troubles.

A company is as good as its team, therefore we strive in our endeavor to include only the best and the most experienced locksmith professionals on board. They can handle a vast range of locksmith issues and deliver best possible solutions within a limited time span. Not only that, we also ensure that each locksmith working with us has passed the internal tests set by our firm to ensure that they have what it takes to deliver excellent services. 

We also organize training of the professionals from time to time to keep them updated about the arrivals of the new security systems in the market. When free, they dissect new products in detail to understand its functionality and also the situation in which the lock might malfunction. With adequate exposure, our professionals can make the whole process an absolute breeze and resolve your residential locksmith problems as quickly as possible. You can also seek their advice on improving the current security system installed at home as they are perfectly capable of changing the locks that do not meet the requirements with new and advanced high-security locks.

Father Son Locksmith Shop residential services incorporate the following facets:

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  • Round the clock emergency services 
  • Mobile locksmith vans to resolve unwarranted situations
  • Residential lockout assistance
  • Complete installation and repairs of garage locks
  • Changing the main entry lock
  • Master keys for homes
  • Eviction services
  • Door repairs
  • Installation of advanced security locks
  • Entry door installation
  • Rekeying of locks 
  • Recoding of lock tumblers
  • Creation of duplicate keys 
  • Installation of the mailbox and cabinet locks
  • State-of-the-art digital lock set up

Father Son Locksmith Shop believes in excellence in accomplishing not only complex tasks such as eviction services but also simplest jobs such as lock repair. For all this and a lot more,  you do not have to pay the moon but nominal charges that are far lower than what our competitors are demanding in the Baltimore, MD area. 

If you are thinking that existing locks are just suitable for your home, let us tell you that do not sit idle for a disaster to strike but call us today and one of our locksmith experts will visit your home, assess the security measures in detail and install state of the art lock systems to maximize your home security!